My Books
Secular Faith - Explore the friendship between a Christian and an atheist in this engaging story. When a
series of events seems divinely influenced, conflicting opinions put their friendship to the test. Suspense and
intrigue will pull you along in a frank, yet often humorous, journey of how beliefs serve us and how they fail us.
Between these pages, you'll witness why the conflict between science and religion is at the forefront of
contemporary debate and how this tension fuels more than just a philosophical argument, but truly affects real
lives for literary exploration offers a perspective that debate does not.
The Perdita Complex - Coming Soon!  As often as love lifts us up, it brings us crashing down.  Find out how Tristan
deals with his clash with a forbidden love that drives him into the mires of self destruction. The mythical encounter with that
magical ‘other’ challenges our ability to accept the disenchanting reality of the mundane. What exactly is that feeling that
strikes us as true love, and why do so many of the world’s myths, legends, stories, poems, and songs explore the wonderful
pain that so moves the human soul? This is the story of a love you will not soon forget.
In Love is a Dangerous Place to Fall - Coming Soon!  Poetry doesn’t have to have compelling meter and rhyme, but
this collection does. I have discovered that the poems that seem to endure do in fact have compelling meter and rhyme.  I
prefer reading and writing poetry that accompanies its metaphors with strong sound qualities. This collection of poetry will
show you what it means to hurt from love that that does not turn out the way the lovers thought it would.
The Peacock Effect - Coming Soon!  The hilarious story of a man who meets the woman of his boyhood dreams. Come
along for the ride as he discovers the hazards of projecting dream templates onto real people. Enjoy the fun as he
simultaneously becomes entwined in his best friend’s scheme to become an evolution debater.