The Author - Jon Krutulis
That’s me. I grew up in central Indiana during the dawn of personal computers and
was subsequently lured into the study of electrical engineering at Purdue University
My strength and passion has always been with writing, and though this skill has
served me well in my career, I am more than occasionally tormented by pangs of
self-betrayal for not pursuing a career in writing. 
But when such thoughts drag me down, I call up a favorite quote from science writer
in response to being asked why she didn’t become a scientist if she loved science
so much responded, “...I didn’t want to ruin a beautiful affair by getting married.”
More than simply amusing, there is a deep truth in her metaphor reminiscent of
Oscar Wilde’s “There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one
wants, and the other is getting it.”  If you can relate to that quote, you should enjoy
my second book, The Perdita Complex (coming soon!)
I currently reside in Greenwood, Indiana with my patient wife Shari and two lovable
pain-in-the-ass kids I’m damn lucky to have, Jake and Rachel. (Don’t worry, as their
pain-in-the-ass Dad, we get along splendidly!)  A lover of mountains and the
wilderness, the fates have stranded me far from either one. The Wilde quote doesn’t help quite as much with this one -
I’d take the tragedy of getting to live in the mountains over the my current flatland tragedy (though, in most respects not
related to terrain, Indiana is a fine state!) View my Photo Journal to see some of my annual pilgrimages to higher
I love good beer (and good beer never has ‘light’ in the title and can never
be found sponsoring a NASCAR event), so let me know if you have any
recommendations. I occassionally discuss some of my favorites in my
I completed my first Book, Secular Faith in 2010. I tremendously enjoyed
writing it, but it has a long and intricate history that started with an
unpublished screenplay that I wrote with my brother-in-law more than a
decade ago. Since my religious views are controversial, the book will
undoubtedly also be perceived by many as controversial. I make no
apologies for this.  See the Philosophical Points tab for more information
about why views which may be considered disrespectful toward religion
are essential to express respect for human moral progress.
Finally, if you look through my blog, you will find that one particular kind of writing for which I have a fondness is poetry. I
have a strong penchant for structured poetry with strong metrical patterns, and have always felt the best poems have
captivating metaphors and enchanting sound. My first poetry collection, In Love is a Dangerous Place to Fall is
coming soon. Check the link for some samples and let me know what you think.