Why on earth did I write this?
The enduring conflict between science and religion, skepticism and faith, is very much at the forefront of contemporary
thought. Not the sole province of intellectuals, this dispute impacts everyday decisions in all social realms. While the
philosophical debates that dominate the debates are intriguing, they often miss out on an important point:  how does
the resulting tension affect lives? We all know what it means to doubt or to have faith, but how do these perspectives
truly influence the real-time interactions between humans?
To me, artisitic metaphor is the best way to provide insight into inevitable change. Thus it becomes the responsibility of
literature (and music, poetry, theater and the other arts) to lead us toward resolution. Secular Faith fuses an
entertaining storyline with a profound philosophic investigation, exploring concepts such as man’s constant drive to
understand the meaning behind his own existence. My hope is that it will lead anyone who chooses to read it toward
important new avenues of thought.
We needen’t fear doubt, and we needn’t relinquish our awe and reverence for aspects of the universe greater than us.
But life and history have taught us that we will survive only if we can adapt to the dynamic tides of existence. We must
change wisely, and we must learn from our failures. Humans needen’t stampede like driven lemmings toward
annihilation imposed by god or self.
It is the beauty of the human spirit that motivates us and drives us to endure. This book is my view of why life, including
its suffering and pain, is worth the struggle.