Secular Faith
The Story
Explore the friendship between a Christian and an atheist in an engaging story that tests
the boundary between drastically different world views. When an unlikely sequence of
fortune and misfortune seems divinely influenced, their conflicting opinions on how to
interpret these events put their friendship to the test. Suspense and intrigue will pull you
along in a frank, yet often humorous, journey of how beliefs serve us and how they fail us.
You'll witness why the conflict between science and religion is at the forefront of
contemporary debate and how this tension fuels more than just a philosophical argument,
but affects lives. Sometimes literary exploration offers a perspective that debate does not.
Countering the wedge that pushes these two apart is the human drive to grasp the
meaning of existence and do what is right.  Because it is not enough to agree to disagree,
each is driven to bring the other to his view in order to affirm that it represents truth. Their
actions are influenced not by a god who intervenes in the matters of mankind, but by their
belief of whether or not he does. Ultimately they discover that a man is defined by his actions and not by what he
believes to be true. Morality exists to guide actions, not thoughts. 
This story of friendship, love, envy, tragedy, and redemption gives breath to philosophy and life to the struggle to
identify human purpose.  It exemplifies that, without a doubt, a man who puts aside his faith to serve his friend will
always  be a better man than one who puts aside his friend to serve his faith.
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